Saturday, February 24, 2024

A Vote For Direct Party and Representative Voting

Letter to the Editor


I watched the debates 1 and 2, and I have seen and heard enough.

We now know the party positions. Anything more that the politicians roll out will be a frivolous correction meant purely for vote getting.

Harper seems to be scrappy but tired and running out of steam. Oddly Incredulous that anyone could doubt him.. The “Harper Buck” is worth 75¢ today and our economy is tied to failing end of life technologies. He foolishly thinks we can save ourselves into prosperity. He has no new ideas, maintains a steady tiller as he steers us steadily into a fearful protectionist obscurity.

I give him a thumbs down.

Mulcair seems to be the gruff grouchy old uncle. A lawyer who is very combative, confident and a politically jaded tactician. But, he’s had to move the NDP very far right, out of their traditional comfort zone. He has some ideas but im not sure he can deliver the groundswell of money and support he will need to make his plan work.

I give him a thumbs middle.

Trudeau seems to be benefiting from the long campaign.. He is learning quick and getting more confident and focused over time. He is young, has ideas that will help middle income and poor people. His biggest strength is that he has the openness and heart to build a Canadian made consensus around a more forward thinking society and economy.

I give him a thumbs up!?

May was sadly missed in the last debate. Her strength is sharpening the focus on truth and openness in government and building consensus for a sustainable future. She will be a good ally for Mulcair or Trudeau.

I give her a thumbs up!?

If only we had a better voting system, voting would be so much more important and meaningful. I truly fear that if we get another majority government with a minority vote we will permanently turn people off from voting.

DPR is a good way to go…

Direct Party and Representative Voting ( a simple representational system )

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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