Saturday, May 25, 2024

Role of Member of Parliament: Law Maker, Not Law Breaker

By Kaisha Thompson, TMI Columnist

This past weekend MP Larry Miller put forward a solution to the ever growing coyote problem, he stated that: “What the MNR needs to do when it comes to unregistered guns and what have you, they’ve got to start turning their heads the same way as they do with commercial fishermen that break the law.”


Not only are Mr Miller’s comments about loose gun control insensitive when one considers the horrific events that occurred in Arizona this past weekend, but they are also ignorant.


Yes, coyotes are a major issue in our riding; however, as an elected Member of Parliament Larry Miller should not suggest, or encourage, citizens to simply ignore, or disobey, laws they don’t like.


We need to have intelligent dialogue to find a reasonable solution to the coyotes, not encourage all men, women and children to bear arms.


Let’s pretend for a moment that this isn’t the first time Mr. Miller has crossed the line that separates provincial and federal jurisdictions, and that he hasn’t made comments on provincial issues like education, which is clearly outlined in the Constitution Act of 1867 as a provincial responsibility.


Mr. Miller’s job as the elected Member of Parliament for this riding is not to suggest a provincial Cabinet Minister is turning their head when it comes to illegal commercial fishing, and to recommend the same thing should be done when unregistered guns are considered.


Instead of recommending the evasion of laws, Mr Miller should be helping his government pass laws that will benefit society.


There is no evidence that the Minister of Natural Resources has ever turned their head when faced with the issue of illegal commercial fishing. However, there have been many votes in the House of Commons that have established, maintained, and most recently decided to not abolish the gun registry.


Perhaps instead of encouraging farmers to not be afraid of using unregistered guns, Mr. Miller should encourage farmers to not be afraid of registering their guns.


After all, the role of a Member of Parliament is to be a law maker, not a law breaker.


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