Thursday, July 25, 2024

Concern For the Ontario Science Centre


There are many ‘immigrants’ into Meaford who raised our families in Toronto and spent many hours in the Science Centre engaged in fun and education. What a great place to go on a rainy weekend. Now our provincial government is threatening to close it down, and on very short notice too.

It appears that no consideration has been given to the nature and costs associated with renovation. The reason is simple. The Ford government has an agenda. They want to sell this precious land to developers to build ugly high rises.

Numerous organizations have offered help, either at reasonable cost or for free, to assist with renovations, but our government seems oblivious.

Now it is time for people power to kick in. If you feel strongly about this, it is easy to send a short email requesting a change of heart. Just Google ‘Contact premier Doug Ford’, and a host of options will pop up. I did it, and you can too. No government should be permitted to play fast and loose with property that rightly belongs to us, the people.

David Blackburn, Meaford


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