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Top 10 Baby Names in Ontario For 2016


sleeping baby 270Olivia is the most popular baby name in Ontario for the fifth year in a row, according to the province’s annual list of the top names for new babies.

Ontario’s most popular baby names are slowly changing, with new names rising up the list. Charlotte and Henry are the fastest-rising baby names, with Henry rising 83 times and Charlotte 105 times their previous popularity.

The top ten most popular baby names are:

1. Olivia

2. Emma

3. Liam

4. Benjamin

5. Noah

6. Lucas

7. Ethan

8. Charlotte

9. William

10. Ava

After naming their newborns, parents have up to one year to register their child’s birth. The most popular way of registering a newborn is online through ServiceOntario’s 4-in-1 Newborn Bundle. In just a few clicks, parents can register their child’s birth, and apply for their birth certificate, social insurance number, and child benefits.

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