Saturday, May 25, 2024

Walker Asks Queen’s Park to Deal With Rural Transportation Woes


queensparkLocal MPP Bill Walker tabled a resolution on Wednesday (Nov. 6) at Queen’s Park to call on the province to strike an all-party committee to study transportation needs in rural and Northern Ontario.

Walker said he is concerned that public transportation is almost nonexistent in communities north of Toronto, which leaves some of his constituents, especially low-income families, people with special needs and the elderly, struggling every day to access essential services, such as travelling to their doctor and other health care appointments, work and volunteer commitments.

Lack of access to transportation is an increasing concern to constituents in Bruce and Grey and all across rural and Northern Ontario,” Walker said. “I believe the government should take a more active role in supporting our transit needs by reviewing this inequality and finding solutions.”

Walker said the inequality is partly due to the government’s refusal to allocate a fair portion of the gas tax to rural and Northern residents. “The government does, on the other hand, continue to provide a fair share to our urban counterparts.”

I think it would be sensible if all three parties agreed to study the demand, obstacles and feasibility for rural and Northern transit,” he said. “Access to a reliable and effective transportation system in rural and Northern communities would go a long way in boosting our productivity and prosperity and increasing the quality of life for our citizens.”

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