Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Money Stolen From Cat Shelter

Letter to the Editor


The Clarksburg Cat Shelter, a registered charity,serves the Clarksburg, Thornbury and Meaford areas, taking in lost, abandoned and abused adult cats. We operate a store on Boucher Street in Meaford, The Cat’s Meow, that sells gently used small and larger items to raise money for the Shelter.

We rely on volunteers to run our store and shelter and donations from the public to care for the 60+ cats in our care. At the store, in addition to the money raised through sales, we have a donation box on our counter for the kind people who give their leftover change or bills to support us.

Approximately two weeks ago, our donation box was stolen with money in it. 

How could someone stoop so low as to steal from such a worthy charity? That money could have bought a large bag of cat food or several cans of wet food, or medications or go toward a vet bill. Our needs are many and great. I hope the person that took the money feels some remorse. It is shameful.

We now have to bolt down our donation box. I believe most people are wonderful, kind, honest and generous and support us. Some  will take advantage of situations when they can. This is very disappointing and upsetting.

Kathie DeCoste, President,
Clarksburg Cat Shelter

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