Saturday, February 24, 2024

Olivet Hosts Another Successful VBS


VBS-2014-02 468

Once again, Olivet Baptist Church held a very well attended and much enjoyed after-school VBS (Vacation Bible School) for kids aged JK to Grade 6.

This event, which is always free for participants, featured a wide variety of activities from quiet discussion of principles of living taken from scripture with such topics as bullying and inclusion, to exciting outdoor games teaching sportsmanship and how to treat others. Of course, there was the usual crafts centre.

The major theme for this year was the strange and unique creatures which can be found on our planet.

The children also participated in a fundraiser to raise money to buy Canadian invented, and Canadian made water bio-filters for third world countries to provide much needed fresh water for communities. This year, in only five days they raised $1,150.00 which should provide filters for about seven families.

The attendance averaged about 75 kids per day,” said organizers. “And a huge, huge thanks have to go to the dozens of volunteers who cheerfully gave of their time to make this such a big success.”

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