Thursday, July 25, 2024

Fire Department to Replace Ladder Truck

By Stephen Vance, Staff

tele1225Meaford’s Fire Department will finally be able to replace its 40 year old ladder truck after council gave initial approval to a report submitted by Meaford Fire Chief Mike Molloy at their June 9 meeting.

Meaford’s current ladder truck is a 1975 model that was purchased from the Orangeville Fire Department in 2004. The truck recently failed tests relating to use of the ladder and the estimated cost to repair is $4,500, however Chief Molloy told council that at 40 years old, continued and costly repairs to the truck would be unwise.

Instead, Molloy sought permission from council to purchase a used ladder truck from the Parry Sound Fire Department.

The 1992 Pierce Tele-Squirt (photo) has 16,200 kilometres on the odometer, and Molloy says it is in excellent condition. The cost? Just $7,500 plus taxes.

Given that brand new trucks of similar type can approach a $1 million price tag, Molloy says that “This is a great opportunity for the Municipality to replace ageing infrastructure at a very reasonable amount.

Molloy told council that both he and a municipal mechanic visited Parry Sound to take the vehicle for a test drive, and the Chief said that the truck has passed all of its current tests.

The replacement ladder truck will be available the week of June 23.

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