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Citizens’ Charter Working Group to Host Engagement Sessions

By Stephen Vance, Staff

council chamber333In response to feedback from residents, Meaford’s Council recently formed a working group comprised of five citizens and two members of Council to draft a Citizens’ Charter outlining municipal services. 

Citing a desire to improve council’s communications with Meaford residents, Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield suggested the creation of a ‘Citizen’s Charter’ at council’s January 27 meeting.

On March 24 council approved the appointment of members to the Citizen’s Charter working group. The Municipality of Meaford had previously adopted Terms of Reference for The Meaford Citizens’ Charter Working Group “tasked with the preparation of a Citizens’ Charter outlining the services provided by the Municipality of Meaford and the vital role of residents in making Meaford a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit.”

The working group consists of five residents and two members of council, and the term of the working group expires on November 30 of this year.

Members appointed to the group are as follows: Peter Bantock, Jaden Calvert, Fred Kennedy, Ray McHugh, Evelyn Dean. The council representatives in the working group are Councillor Lynda Stephens and Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield.

Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield, Co-Chair of the Working Group commented that, “The goal of the Charter is to help inform residents on the important services the Municipality of Meaford provides thereby contributing to greater openness and transparency.”

Meeting almost weekly, the Working Group has focused on outlining both mandatory and discretionary services and their costs provided by the Municipality of Meaford.  They have also considered the responsibilities that both residents and the Municipality have with regard to those services. 

In an effort to further engage the public and receive feedback, there will be two engagement sessions:

Thursday July 3rd, 2014 at 7 pm Woodford Hall
Tuesday July 15th, 2014 at 7 pm Meaford Hall

Just as important, these sessions will also discuss ways to further enhance communication between the Municipality and its residents on these services.

Jaden Calvert, Co-Chair of the Citizens’ Charter Working Group concluded, “We hope residents will come to one of the sessions to tell us what’s important to them and how best to share information on the vital services the Municipality provides every day.”

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