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Coyotes Dominate at District Track and Field Championships


The Meaford Coyotes Track Club have officially begun their Spring racing season with the high school members heading to the track first.

Our hard work throughout the winter and early spring have paid off as the Coyotes dominated in almost every event they competed in,” said coach Kevin Hooper.

On Wednesday, May 14th, Coyotes grade 12 sprinter, Bryce West from Collingwood Collegiate competed in her District Track and Field Championships under relatively pleasant conditions. She excelled in her races.

Senior Girls Grade 11-12:

Bryce West: 1st @ 100m, 1st @ 200m, 1st @ 400m [PB of 61.50], 1st @ 4x100m relay, 2nd @ 4x400m relay

Thursday, May 16th was a horrible sloppy, rainy, cold, windy and muddy day for the BAA District Track and Field Championships held in Clinton. It had rained so much that the jumping pits were knee-deep in water and were constantly being bailed out. The event is typically held in Kincardine, but the track was undergoing resurfacing, so Clinton was given the nod to host the athletes.

This meant at least a two and a half hour drive for most of our Coyotes to get there. Despite the conditions, all the area schools were commenting on how dominant our Coyotes were in the distance races. “Nobody can catch those Coyotes!”” said Hooper.

Midget Boys Grade 9:

Sam Nusselder – SDHS: 1st @ 1500m, 1st @ 3000m

Alex Tulloch – GBSS: 2nd @ 1500m, 2nd @ 3000m

Jake Clarke – GHSS: 3rd @ 1500m, 3rd @ 3000m

Midget Girls Grade 9:

Jessica Ruest – GBSS: 4th @ 1500m, 3rd @ 3000m

Shayla Verburg – SMHS: 5th @ 1500m, 4th @ 3000m

Junior Boys Grade 10:

Jonah Neumann – GBSS: 1st @ 1500m, 1st @ 3000m

Junior Girls Grade 10:

Rose Nadjiwan – PSDS: 1st @ 1500m, 1st @ 3000m

Senior Boys Grade 11-12:

Steven Nadjiwan – PSDS: 1st @ 1500m, 2nd @ 3000m

Jared Ruest – GBSS: 2nd @ 1500m, 1st @ 3000m

Senior Girls Grade 11-12:

Hannah Woodhouse – GBSS: 1st @ 1500m, 1st @ 3000m

Jessie Nusselder – SDSS: 2nd @ 1500m, 2nd @ 3000m

All our Coyotes advanced to the next round on their “Road to OFSAA” next week, where the competition will be much stiffer. All the best to each of them as they have all trained extremely hard all winter and spring,” said Hooper.

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