Sunday, June 4, 2023

Curling Club Raises Money for Hospital Foundation


The first annual Meaford Curling Club bonspiel to raise funds for the Meaford Hospital Foundation was held on Saturday, March 15, and was deemed a huge success. Seventy-two people participated in the euchre and curling festivities to support the fundraiser.

The official sponsor of the event was the Meaford Scotiabank branch. The curling was spiced up by adding unusual twists to the game such as playing one end blindfold, another left-handed (or right-handed as the case may be) and another by switching skips with leads and so on. This led to a great deal of hilarity.

During the lunch break, there was a turkey shoot: a frozen turkey was put in the centre of the ice and for $2.00 per shot participants could shoot rocks at the turkey, and at the end the closest to the bird won it. This event was won by Dennis Risk.

The club raised and donated $1,111 to the Meaford Hospital Foundation to help with purchasing new equipment for our local hospital. The curling/euchre was won by the Risk team consisting of Dennis Risk, Wayne Foster, Sharon Foster, Robin Tewkesbury, Mort Rapp and Nelson Rapp.

Shown presenting the trophy is Ruth Ruiz, local manager of the Scotiabank. The club also has a 50/50 board running until the end of the season, and it is expected that it will raise approximately another $500 for the Hospital Foundation.

We owe a big thank-you to everyone who came out and made this day such a success, including many who had never thrown a curling rock before. Thanks go to Ed Ormsby, for great ice conditions, to John Van Heusden, for volunteering his time to tend the bar all day, to Rae Best for his tunes during the meal, and to Marge Keenan and crew for all of their help in organizing the potluck lunch. We all had a lot of fun. This truly was a great event and we look forward to seeing everyone out again next year,” said David Blackburn of the Meaford Curling Club.

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