Sunday, July 21, 2024

Reader Thoughts on Meaford Surplus

Letter to the Editor


Any surplus money that Meaford has above its budget in any fiscal year should be returned to taxpayers as a credit on their next tax payment.

This council voted a tax increase for 2014.

At the public pre-budget meetings taxpayers mad it very clear to council that they wanted tax relief. Council refused to act on these concerns. Any new projects should require budget approval. It is hard to believe that budget projections were so far off actual revenue income.

This council has not managed the resources of taxpayers in a cost efficient manner in the past four years.

We need new councillors and a mayor who understand that they work for taxpayers and direct staff to manage our resources prudently.

A new mayor and council need to pass a bylaw that compels any future surpluses to be returned to taxpayers.

We also need a bylaw that makes any future MPAC assessment revenue neutral. If MPAC valuations go up then tax rates must go down.

We need transparency with respect to revenue and expenditures.

Taxpayers need to vote in the next election to change this council!

Paul Hood, Meaford

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