Saturday, May 25, 2024

Reader Wants Meaford to Hold Onto Name

Letter to the Editor


The answer is really a no-brainer, and it should use its council authority to pass a motion saying the following:

Meaford Was – Meaford Is, and Meaford will be.”

My family has roots in this town, from its formative years in the late 19th century till this very present day.

My family has been a contributor to many things, such as the hospital, apartments, Meaford Museum, community park and the cemetery over the years.

Meaford has roots to its very name that are our historical ties to our British heritage, and needs to be preserved and even taught more in the elementary classrooms.

Change is not always for the better and just for political/business sense is the worst reason for any change.

One only has to walk the beautiful cemetery Meaford has and take note of all the saints that are resting there, and they built it to what it is today.

Would you throw away all your heritage, and the work of Meaford’s founders, for just a ‘Name Change’?

Think long and hard about such a foolish move, and take time to look back, and not forward: to erase your history is to cloud your future.

Meaford is not just a name, it’s a town with Heritage and Roots and Potential – LEAVE IT BE!

R. Paul Kneeshaw, Kitchener

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