Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thoughts on Future Location of Leash-Free Dog Park

Dear Editor,

Brandon Forder’s article about the off-leash dog park raised many great points. These parks provide the opportunity to meet other dog owners in a fenced environment to give our dogs a good run, some doggy social time and the potential of a great ball chase.

We are regular almost year-round users of the current dog park. It provides a great space for our dog Irish to run like the wind after a ball that has been ‘chucked’ to the far end of the fenced area, meet up with friends new and old, and explore the myriad of smells left behind. Seasonally, there is access to fresh water. And in the early spring, there is always a large puddle for her to flop down in, much to our consternation.

I was very disappointed to read of the two potential replacement sites, once the current park (which opened in 2013) is relocated. Neither Memorial Park or Beautiful Joe Park provide fenced in areas. Neither have the flat open space for a good run.

I think a wonderful spot for a new park would be part of the athletic field of the old school. It’s flat, there is nearby parking, and some trees to provide much needed shade. I realize this property most likely belongs to the Blue District School Board. I am confident however, that if our town planners and Council can deal with the likes of the big corporate developers and hydroelectric pumped storage builders, they will be able to negotiate with the school board.

It’s not fancy, our dog park. There are two picnic tables, one park bench, a handful of small trees, a water spigot and good sturdy fences and gates. But it’s a great asset to our town and well used. Let’s make sure the replacement is at least as welcoming.

Beth Ryan Aitken, Meaford

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