Sunday, July 21, 2024

Thoughts on Expansion of Paramedic Program in Grey County


Wonderful news! Our community paramedics are being bolstered to help keep seniors safe and in their homes.

In our eighties, my husband and I can attest to their effectiveness, kindness, responsiveness, and expertise.

Case in point: February 18, paramedics came to our home to test me for COVID. (I had been instructed by my eye surgeon’s office I had to be tested. Why? I was feeling extreme fatigue.

But the paramedics intuited something else was afoot — not COVID — and did some testing on the spot. My son-in-law, a firefighter, agreed something was up with my heart, took me to the Owen Sound Emergency, and stayed with me — a rock.

After a few hours of testing, I was told: “You’ve had a heart attack.” (Mercifully a mild one.)

Who knew? Extreme fatigue is not only a symptom of COVID, but of a heart attack! Please pass it on…..

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Newton and the wonderful nurses in the Critical Care Unit at GBHS.

But most of all to the terrific Community Paramedics who may well have saved my life.

Rosemary Gosselin, Thornbury

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