Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Thoughts on Electric Vehicles


You seem cranked up on electric vehicles so much so you forget about the best way to get around other than by bicycles, that is hydrogen and oxygen which was invented in 1807. I suppose logic lost its way. 500 km of travel then refuel in a matter of minutes sounds better than overnight charging stations.

Much like wind farms that will last a short time and have no use after they dispose the towers in some dump site. I understand they are of no future use.

Then there is nuclear power that has and will spew waste into the ground when they decide where to put it. Years ago Pickering power plant people told the public they had to put their nuclear waste in their parking lot. I suppose they finally will dispose of it on some unsuspecting district, maybe west of Meaford.

David Schram, Meaford

Editor’s Note: My editorial was not an exploration of alternative fuels, but rather a simple commentary on the notion that small town councils should be installing and managing charging stations. I am on record more times than I can count in writing that batteries are not the answer to powering vehicles, as batteries are a dirty, nasty business that is far from environmentally friendly.

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