Monday, April 22, 2024

Thankful For Recent Performance at Meaford Hall


This is a quick note to thank the Meaford Hall for last Thursday’s “Sue Foley: One Woman Guitar” concert.

From the first bars of Ms. Foley’s blues intro on her Spanish guitar to her clear emotive vocals, I knew we were in for a great ride. It was a great show for fans and new fans alike.

She pays tribute to some of the most important female musicians that are the foundation of popular music as we know it today, is not an understatement. Already an icon in the blues world, Sue Foley is stepping note by note towards legendary status, joining the women she is paying tribute to on this tour.

We cannot forget that she is a living encyclopedia of blues knowledge, with world-wide performances and a prolific recording career, her endless curiosity, research and study has been rewarded with countless awards and music lovers. Whether she plays the electric blues with her Fender ‘Pinky’, or finger-picks on Spanish guitar, Sue Foley is all true blues.

Gordon Lowe, Meaford

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