Sunday, June 16, 2024

Support For TMI Editor


Fellow citizens of Meaford, we have heard from our local scribe about the attacks upon him personally for refusing to take sides regarding local politics and unfolding events in our town, and there are some realities I wish to point out.

First of all, he is a journalist and as such is expected to simply report, without comment, what is taking place. It is not his responsibility to lean heavily in one direction or another, regardless of what he may feel personally. In the case of the pumped storage project, for example, he has faithfully, as far as is possible, reported the upsides and downsides of the project, and has refrained from coming down in favour or against. He has done his job.

However, this is not good enough for some, who wish to see him either condemn or approve.

Although he has an editorial column in which he has freedom to express personal opinions to some degree, that would make no sense either. We are a one-newspaper town and there would be no opportunity for rebuttal. In the city, which has many newspapers, either side can be as loud as they wish because there is another paper next door willing to tear down their argument, thus neutralizing the debate.

I stand in full support of our editor for doing a good job, regardless of the unpleasant challenges he faces. If he were to quit, who amongst us would be willing to step into his shoes and fend off this nasty abuse that seems to come with the territory?

David Blackburn, Meaford

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