Friday, January 28, 2022

SkyDev Not Only Game in Town

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you regarding your Editor’s Note at the end of Steve Griffiths’s letter of December 2nd: Should Council Consider SkyDev Their Only Option?

Mr. Griffiths’s point was that the SkyDev’s proposal is the first that Council has had to deal with, and considering all the issues, Council should not feel pressured into thinking that this is the best and only option for the site.

Your Editor’s Note stated that the local council does not have the luxury of shopping for developers on privately held land.

I understand the point you are making, however Council and the local community do have the responsibility to ensure that any proposal meets the criteria laid out in our Official Plan and Waterfront Strategy.

I am sickened by the tremendous amount of time and energy that Council, the Planning Department, and the community has been forced to spend on Skydev’s pitch when it clearly does not come close to adhering to the standards that have been developed for our community. Many hours and much thought have gone into our Plan and Strategy documents.

Local Council may not have the “luxury” of shopping for developers on privately owned land, but Meaford Council and Staff could encourage other developers to recognize the potential of this site while maintaining the vision of the Official Plan and Waterfront Strategy.

SkyDev is not the only game in town and we should stop wasting time and resources considering proposals that do not meet our standards and will cost the community more than it will contribute. Let’s ensure that this project is done well.

Mike Johnston, Meaford

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