Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Should Election Signs be Allowed on Public Spaces?

Dear Editor,

It is ironic that the very day several Meaford residents participated in our May 7 clean up our local NDP candidate blitzed public spaces with election signs. I’m sure all candidates will add signs of their own.

I think it is high time we stop this wasteful practice completely. Confine these signs to homeowners who request them. Although candidates ‘say’ their teams take signs down after the election I can attest to the fact that most are not. The majority of these non-degradable plastic signs end up in gullies, ditches, and in the grass where they were erected. I have witnessed during my litter pick ups and bike rides, signs littering ditches several campaigns old.

At the very least, all candidates should cease the indiscriminate plastering of our public spaces with signs that do little to sway voters and only litter our county.


Chris Sanderson, Meaford

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