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Sanitary Sewer Fog Testing to be Completed September through October in Urban Meaford

Fog testing of the sanitary sewer lines in Meaford will be happening throughout the month of September into October 2022. The Fog testing will be done within urban Meaford areas that are connected to Municipal Sanitary Sewers

The Municipality of Meaford is currently completing an Inflow and Infiltration Study to determine the location and extent of groundwater (surface run-off) entering the Municipality’s sanitary sewer system that is then processed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Municipality has hired Civica Water Management Solutions to complete the study that includes the fog testing work. 

Fog testing is used to inspect the Municipal sewer system, a process where non-toxic fog is blown through the Municipal sewer pipes to identify locations where groundwater inflow occurs. Ground water inflow is water that enters the sewer system through sump pumps, surface drains, roof downspouts and infiltration is water that enters the sewer system as a result of structural breaks, fails, leaks and/or cross connections with the storm water pipes. Fog testing is used to inspect the Municipal system to locate areas of concern and taking corrective action. It is important because groundwater that enters the sewer system through inflow or infiltration puts added stress on the Wastewater Treatment Plant by increasing the volume that is processed and removing overall capacity in the plant. Good management of the sanitary sewer system is essential to ensure the overall effectiveness and affordability of the Municipal sewer operations.

What you will see during fog testing:

Fog from the testing process may be seen coming from roof vents, building foundations, eavestroughs, the ground or manhole covers. The fog will not enter your home if it is properly plumbed, vented and your water traps contain water.

The fog is a non-toxic, odourless substance, which is harmless to humans, pets, food and material goods.

Should you detect the presence of fog within your home, it should be reported immediately to the crews conducting the testing. Please avoid unnecessary exposure to the fog. Although the fog is non-toxic it may be irritating to the nasal passages of some people. If you experience irritation, it should be temporary and should quickly disappear once exposure has ceased. If you, or any member of your family has a health condition that you feel we need to be aware of, please contact a member of the Municipality of Meaford team listed below.

Should the fog testing in your area be cancelled or delayed for any reason you will be notified on our webpage and by mail. For answers to common questions about fog testing please visit:

In addition to this media release, residents who are within the testing areas will be notified with a hand delivered notice. The Meaford Fire Department, OPP and Emergency Services will also be notified of the fog testing locations and schedule.


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