Thursday, June 1, 2023

Responding to Another Trope Against Pumped Storage


In Mr. Schram’s March 30th letter, he asks the rhetorical question as to how it could ever be that another 4 – 14 pumped storage facilities be built around the Great Lakes – as if it were obvious this could not be, and then claims hydrogen power is the only solution.

I am no expert so I speak without authority. However, there is a readily accessible scientific, peer-reviewed study from the Australian National University which conducted a global audit and identified 530,000 potential pumped-hydro sites worldwide, that have the potential to produce 22 million Gigawatt-hours — which is hundreds times more than needed to support a global 100 per cent renewable electricity grid.

Many of those sites are on the Great Lakes. Almost certainly only a minority of the global sites would be tenable if individually assessed, but it’s not obvious that a number of viable sites would not be in Ontario. In order to slow or reverse climate change – many solutions will be required. The suggestion that hydrogen or any single technology is the only solution — simply does not ‘hold water’.

Tom Gorsky, Meaford


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