Friday, July 12, 2024

Reader: Who is Paying For TCE’s PSP Media Blitz?


Here is the message that TCE puts at the forefront of their often-printed newspaper advertising:

Why Does Ontario Need a Pumped Storage Project?” They post a beautiful picture of the area they plan to modify.

They invite all INDIVIDUALS to a friendly “coffee chat” where they only present their perspective.

This is a very well orchestrated plan to quietly impose their will on the Ontario taxpayers.

I now understand that the representatives of TCE lied outright to my wife and I when we attended one of these “friendly” coffee chats in February 2023 (We all know that there are billions of dollars and profits involved that Ontarians should really pay attention to): I asked quite simply “would this entire project require Ontario or Canadian taxpayers to cover any expenses?” They emphatically answered “no!” They continued that TCE would get all required funds by way of corporate loans through the banking system and NOT through either our Federal or Provincial governments!

Meanwhile, here is a quote from Todd Smith’s letter of January 9th, 2024:

In developing its cost estimates, I would ask that TCE further engage the Government of Canada on additional assistance that may be available to support pre-development work on the project to further reduce the cost. I anticipate that my Cabinet colleagues will expect significant federal involvement in cost sharing of pre-development costs associated with for the project.”

“… I would ask that the IESO negotiate with TCE a commercial agreement to enable TCE to recover eligible, prudently incurred expenses associated with the completion of pre-development work on the project.”

As any logical person past, present or future would say: “Interesting!”

Working with TCE our Ontario government’s Energy Minister Todd Smith is offering millions of dollars to help with construction expenses to support this ill-advised project while at the same time pressing our IESO to reverse their rejection of the TCE proposal. Why did the IESO reject the proposal? Because the cost to our taxpayers is not worth the costs of building this Pumped Storage Project. Todd Smith is lost to corporate ideals of profits above all else: even if it means taxpayers pay corporate expenses! TCE as most corporations, care only about profits and they will lie, coerce and cheat to advance this golden opportunity to have the Canadian public pay for their expenses! It should be noted here as well that these loans that TCE will secure to cover construction costs will be paid back by ratepayers on our utility bills going forward and by taxpayers who fund the government guarantees of such loans!

Next time any of you attend these Coffee Chats, view their full page and other newspaper advertising and/or listen to there radio blurbs, make sure you all understand who will be paying for all of these “pre-construction” advertising expenses: YOU and I.

Pat Maloney, Meaford

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