Thursday, June 13, 2024

Reader: This is Not My Canada

Dear Editor,

This is not my Canada. It is not the way we have started believing the stories from trolls on the internet over the doctors we used to trust. Nor is it knowing the trucks have moved to a field in Arnprior until it is safe to go back, or claimed police brutality in Ottawa not being what was on the videos. It is not that we don’t want to protect our neighbours with something as simple as a mask. It is not the churches teaching bigotry and hate for others different from themselves; nor is it the number of children I have seen neglecting or abusing their parents because we failed to teach them to give back.

It is because we have become a country of sopranos singing, “Me, Me, Me, Me”. All that seems to matter is what “I” want. Today a young man was ploughing the drive on Grey 112. It was a big black one-ton with gold lettering. He watched me get stuck in the snow left by the road plough and, instead of bringing his plough over to help me out, he left. An 80-year-old man helped me, because the young have the attitude, “That is not my problem.”

Apparently, we have failed to teach the young the Golden Rule or just good neighbour policy. How do we get back to the country that used to be respected around the world? The worst part is that it seems to be spreading like another virus, to destroy the caring we took for granted.

Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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