Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader Thankful For Honesty and Kindness


I want to acknowledge the staff at the Meaford Dollarama store for their honesty and kindness.

On November 30th I quickly ran into the store to pick up a couple items. Being in a rush and not paying attention, $100 fell out of my purse. I had just been to the bank. At home I frantically searched my purse then I accepted the money was gone. My only consolation was that someone who really needed the money found it.

In a moment of optimism I decided to phone the store and ask if the money had been found. They had it! My heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the ladies at the store who were so kind in helping me. Thank you, thank you! Your honesty and generosity of spirit reaffirms what a wonderful community Meaford is.

Debra Potts, Meaford

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