Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Reader Suggests That Pumped Storage Won’t Help Address Climate Change


There are several valid arguments against the PSP. I believe the most convincing, to those whose real estate is not in the affected area on GB, is one that combats TCE’s absurd claim that this storage facility address climate change.

There are 3 main initiatives, if pursued, that would greatly reduce CO2 dumped into Ontario’s atmosphere:

1. Electrification of fossil fuel heating systems currently installed in over 95% of Ontario homes and businesses.
2. Electrification Of the Government’s diesel powered commuter trains (GO).
3. Continued growth of electric vehicles on Ontario roads.

I did a rough calculation to find a 4 fold increase in Ontario’s current generating capacity would be required to meet the demands of these 3 modifications to energy sourcing.

TCE is proposing to spend 5 billion (realistically 8 billion) of taxpayer money for the PSP which, during operation will reduce Ontario’s generating output by 400 megawatts. It is impossible to claim therefore, that this project will have a CO2 reducing affect now, and over its 50 year proposed service period. This expenditure is not in harmony with the province’s long term CO2 reducing mandate. The only benefit to the PSP is to create a higher revenue producing depository for TCE’s off-peak power surplus. There is no other benefit. All monies earmarked for power management in Ontario MUST go to increase generating output, not to reducing it.

Just an additional comment…whereas we can quantify CO2 reductions, it is not accurate to conclude such reductions will result in any change at all to elevations global temperatures. This is simply speculation without credible validation. This is the nonsense TCE is peddling in their propaganda.

Stephen Carr, Electrical Engineer, Meaford


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