Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader Says Yes to Pumped Storage


Tesla (a major producer of grid storage batteries) reveals Megapack prices: starts at $1 million  for 3 MW (warranty 20 years). Simple math shows a cost of 333.3 million to supply storage comparable to the 1,000 MW Meaford Pumped storage project (warranty 100 years). On the surface, seems like a good deal compared to 4,500 million cost of the pumped storage project.

But… (and a big one) where is the energy coming from to charge 1,000 MW batteries EVERY DAY.

At what cost ?

Ontario’s installed capacity from all energy sources is only 38,000MW 27.6% coming from gas that we should be phasing out due to climate impacts.

Adding 1,000 MW of charging capacity somewhere near the sources of demand so power corridors don’t have to be built is a very complex and costly concern. Shall we build more nuclear plants, power dams, solar and wind farms to charge the batteries? Where should these charging sources be located?

In my opinion, let’s use proven technology and gravity to provide our peak power.

I say yes…to the Meaford Pumped storage Project.

David MacDougall, Meaford


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