Friday, January 28, 2022

Reader Saddened by Loss of Cursive Writing Skills

Dear Editor,

Please ask your readers to take a second look at what has happened to our children’s education. I had six great-grandchildren sign a Christmas card. They are from different locations and grade levels, from one to college. One—1—could write her name. The others printed and of the six, only the grade one could print legibly. None would be hired on the basis of written work.

There are books written on the dumbing down of America and now I see it has happened here too. We are responsible because we did not hold the Ministry responsible for our kids’ quality of education. This has been going on too long.


Roberta Docherty

Editor’s Note: While I understand your frustration, people and societies evolve, and fine cursive writing is not very useful in today’s society, just as my own kids would have no idea of what to do with a roller skate key. I would suggest that we should not judge the success of our education system based on an antiquated form of writing.

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