Sunday, April 18, 2021

Reader: Proposed Project Will Be a Man-Made Environmental Disaster


In reference to your recent article dated March 11, 2021, ‘This Week’s Rants’, I wanted to acknowledge your support for the neighbouring community that could someday be impacted by the TC Energy’s proposed PSP.

We are not a forest below a 375 acre reservoir with a 20m wall dammed as illustrated on the TC Energy website, but approximately 300 permanent homes, farms, and cottages dating back to the 1940s. Of those, approximately 148 are in the inundation zone (direct path of destruction should the dam fail). Further to that TCE duped the public by releasing a site plan that they knew they could not build in an attempt to confuse and mislead everyone (and it worked).

The majority of the taxpayers “SAY NO TO TCE”, but only one councillor has stepped up and outright opposed this proposal and for this our Mayor raked him over the coals for having an opinion and more common sense than the rest of them collectively.

This project is not like “Niagara Falls” as stated by John Mikkelsen. Niagara Falls is a natural wonder, the proposed project will be a man-made environmental disaster.

Louise Buccella, Meaford

Property Owner in the “Impact Zone”

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