Sunday, April 18, 2021

Reader Pleased With Vaccination Experience


A week ago I received a phone call to give me a date for my ‘over 80 COVID vaccine date’. I arrived on time today Tuesday, March 16 at 1:45. There were many cars filling the parking lot and some 50 seats on the arena floor.

Ten or twelve seats were unoccupied awaiting the next vaccine. I was promptly registered and led to an empty chair. I waited about ten minutes before Dr. Sauriol appeared at my side and injected an absolutely painless inoculation.

She carried on promptly down the aligned and duly spaced lines of waiting patients. My Pfizer dose was administered at 1:54. I was told to remain seated for 15 minutes and then, if I felt well, was free to leave. At 2:09 I followed the clearly marked red arrows on the floor to the exit door.

The whole procedure was well-managed and professionally handled. Kudos to the whole crew.

Leo Girard, Meaford

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