Friday, January 28, 2022

Reader Offers Reminder of Tank Range History


Meaford Tank Range – History

(From Government of Canada Treaties, agreements and negotiations)

Treaty #18 October 17, 1818: Nottawasaga Purchase/Lake Simcoe – Nottawasaga Treaty

The Crown purchased 1,592,000 acres from the Nation of Indians for $1,200 pounds currency in goods yearly and every year for ever at the ‘Montreal Price’, as Montreal was the economic hub of Upper and Lower Canada.

The land was subsequently colonized and divided up to be farmed.

(From Grey Roots Museum and Archives)

July 21, 1942: St. Vincent/Sydenham Townships, the land was to be expropriated from the farmers by Department of National Defence for the World War 2 effort if the farmers would not to sell. Price to acquire the land was less than the cost of 3 tanks. Some farmers were of the understanding that following the war, they would be able to purchase their property back.

This did not happen.

2021 – Trans Canada Energy now called TCE are proposing to pay the Department of National Defence to use 370 to 700 acres of this land to build a private for profit pumped water storage facility to produce electricity.

How can the Department of National Defence make money by allowing a for profit company on land that has a tragic history of deceit and heartbreak?

This is just morally wrong!

Barry Tatchell

Town of The Blue Mountains

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