Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader Frustrated About GBHS Re-branding


I noticed a flag on the side of the Meaford Hospital just this past week. I knew nothing about renaming but finally found a brief item about it online.

The name of Grey Bruce Health Services has changed to ‘Brightshores Health System’. Whatever for? Where is ‘Brightshores’?

Is this master stroke of corp-speak brilliance supposed to cure all the problems that GBHS (and to be fair, all hospitals in Canada) are having?

Refreshing…just change the name and all is full steam ahead with rose coloured glasses. Wow. No more emergency room closures, staff shortages, employee stress level issues, obscene layers of administrative duplication and waste, or severe budget restraints.

The new name will likely cost in the tens of thousands of dollars just in signage, stationary, and other tangible assets, as well as considerable computer program editing.

An analogy that fits here: Imagine a house requiring renovation and updating. Imagine the drywall has lot of nasty holes in it, and water damage, and evidence of mould. This initiative at the GBHS is like wallpapering over that drywall and admiring how great it will be going forward.

Mike Robertson, Meaford

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