Monday, September 26, 2022

Reader Excited to See Rain Jacket Named For Meaford


As odd as it might seem on a hot August Sunday, our family was thumbing through the Canada Goose website today looking at the latest in winter fashions.

We noticed a few of the trendy coats were named after various Canadian towns and cities.

There among the Langford Parka and the Chilliwack Bomber ….. is the Men’s Meaford Rain Jacket Black Label!

We certainly were not aware that Canada Goose had chosen Meaford to brand one of its jackets and thought perhaps your readers would want to know. We noticed it is available at,,,, nordstroms and poshmark, among many other sites.

How wonderful for Meaford to be recognized by such an iconic Canadian Brand. What’s next… a Meaford Melt sandwich at Tim Hortons?

I am just happy to see Meaford get this kind of recognition.

Here is the link to the Meaford Jacket.


Tony Hay-Roe, Meaford

Editor’s Note: You may be alone in your excitement. At a whopping $750, I suspect this rain jacket is well outside of the budget of the vast majority of Meaford residents.


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