Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reader Concerned About Roadside Tributes

Dear Editor,

I am wondering about the benefit of the roadside tributes when someone is killed. Driving by one on Hwy 26, I thought, “Oh look! They changed the sunflowers for roses.” That only takes 10 seconds to notice, have it register and comment, but that is 10 seconds to take your eyes off the road. That is just long enough to drift over in the lane of the oncoming Mack truck. Worse is the fact that every time one sees a tribute it rips at their heart. How can people heal from such trauma if they keep seeing it, and does it not keep the energy of the dead here, instead of flying free?

I am rock solid in the middle of the problem, but it is something we really need to discuss.


Roberta Docherty

Editor’s Note: Life is full of distractions, and when it comes to automobiles, it is the driver’s responsibility to pay attention to the road, and not be distracted by roadside signs, tributes, displays, animals, colourful houses, or any other potential distractions. The very few roadside tributes that exist are not nearly as likely to distract a driver as the mobile phone in their hand.

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