Saturday, March 2, 2024

Reaction to Narwhal Article on Pumped Storage Proposal


Based on your recommendation (The 3Rs…Rants, Raves & Rumours, November 30 print newspaper) I did find and read the Narwhal article. I agree that it was a good item.

The commentary from the Saugeen and Chippewa chiefs was good to read. It was the best and most balanced part of the piece.

The commentary from the Save The Bay committee was sadly very NIMBY biased.

The issue of live munitions was overplayed considering that the amount of land is a very small fraction of the 20,000 acres of the base. The Canadian military are experts at finding and disposing of munitions.. They are currently teaching the Ukrainian soldiers these skills.

I did not find that the article was balanced though.

Sadly there was much more opinion from people who disagree with the project for personal reasons, especially from the American who lives here only part-time.

It was surprising that, coming from a source (Narwhal) that writes so much about environmental impact and climate change, I did not find any commentary or interviews from local people who see the many climate and renewable energy benefits that will derive from the project. In Ontario we need peak energy solutions that are based on renewable energy… not gas.

Aside from the mayor who is focused on the financial issues and the project manager there was little written about the benefits of the project. Ontario is facing a future energy crunch when the nuclear plants have to shut down for years for maintenance while the energy economy is quickly switching to EVs. This issue was not highlighted beyond a few sentences. If we don’t deal with this problem then we are headed for serious problems all over the province.

Climate solutions are not local. Parochial local views will not lead us to the correct solutions.

Proven technologies and gravity is the best solution for Ontario to meet its peak energy needs.

Dave MacDougall, Meaford resident

I support the pumped storage project

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