Wednesday, June 7, 2023

On Being Treated Like a Turnip

Dear SkyDev,

I would like to thank you for your kind offer of $120,000 to purchase a property owned by myself and about 3,500 taxpayers here in Meaford. That $34.28 will come in very handy for the five litres of diesel I purchase next.

I would also like to mention that the amount will not cover the cost of your sanitary allotment since you will pay about $7,000 per unit and the 1,000 or so Meaford residences on full services will pay the additional $33,000 per unit and since you have 168 lots that’s about $5,424,000 short. And the hotel is on top of that. I’m sorry SkyDev, I’m still feeling you owe me and my fellow taxpayers a little something extra.

And by the way, two of our fellow taxpayers here seem to want to buy it anyway. Doesn’t it seem fair to offer it to a resident if they want it? It seems like its about 100 ft by about 65 ft and possibly a building lot. I’m sure if there was a problem with setbacks, Meaford’s planning department could arrange those changes and if they didn’t, the owners could always go to the Ontario Land Tribunal as we know Mr. Ford wants shovels in the ground.

Congratulations by the way, for offering us a price equal to what you paid for the property. That seems very generous and just to show you how much we think of you we would like to make you the same generous offer to pay the same price you paid for the property to purchase it from you. Fair is fair you say, we say. And instead of subsidizing your $5,424,000 sanitary allotment we could have a waterfront park. Why didn’t we think of that before?

But don’t fret SkyDev, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. We know you will think about the increased value now that you have taken our Town to the Ontario Land Tribunal and can raise the purchase price just as you would to your property and make it just a little harder to turn down your offer. Fair is fair you say, we say.

I’m going to copy our Council and the Meaford Independent on this letter as I want everybody to know just how happy I am to be treated like a turnip that just fell off the back of the wagon. But of course, maybe our Council will see the opportunity here to be a land developer and profit on this property.


Jim Sullivan, Meaford

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