The Pet Expert: Solving Problem Shedding

shedding2020 270Pets don’t shed. They emit magical fibres of joy and love.

Now that spring is in full swing, pet owners may have noticed a little extra fur around the home, on the furniture and floors, on our clothes, and on pretty much everything else. While it is normal for some pets to shed all year round, now is the time of year where seasonal shedding is reaching its peak.

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Stretch of Sideroad 4 to Get Paved Shoulders

sideroad4 rehab2020 270An 800-metre stretch of Sideroad 4, locally known as Frogs Hollow, between the Meaford-Blue Mountains Townline and the 3rd Line will have paved shoulders added during its upcoming rehabilitation.

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Municipality to Explore Potential For Security Cameras on Bayfield Street

security camera Chris Cockram2020 270For a number of years Council has fielded complaints about the actions of some anglers along Meaford's Bayfield Street waterfront, and while the municipality has worked with the OPP, the MNR, and area residents, the complaints persist. At Council's June 8 virtual meeting, Councillor Harley Greenfield brought forward a motion asking staff to prepare a report outlining the potential for the installation of security cameras in the area.

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