Saturday, February 24, 2024

New School Not Entirely Barrier-Free

Dear Editor,

The last time I looked at my calendar it was the year 2021. The Bluewater District School Board, in its infinite wisdom has built a brand new school with two non-accessible exits. I could understand this if it was 1968 but it isn’t and we are supposed to be an inclusive society.

The school board has informed me that because they are AODA complaint with the correct percentages of accessible exits they are not prepared to change this. I have been fighting for complete barrier-free design for the past 50 years but it would appear I am fighting a losing battle. I look at the new Meaford Public Library and think, yes they finally understand. Well, the Bluewater District School Board does not understand.

As I said to them, they should be as ashamed as I am disgusted.

Geoff Solomon, Meaford


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