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Multi-Award-Winning Band, Red Dirt Skinners Coming to Meaford Hall

The Red Dirt Skinners show is coming to Meaford Hall on April 22. For fans of Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, David Bowie, and similar, this highly original multi-award winning, multi-genre band appeals to many.

The Red Dirt Skinners are known and loved throughout Canada and the U.K. for their heartwarming stories and awe-inspiring concerts. Theirs is a high-energy show of sublime musicianship.

Half of this award-winning duo, Sarah Skinner, sings backing vocals and plays soprano sax. Her playing has won her such accolades as Instrumentalist of the Year at the British Blues Awards and placed her alongside some of the biggest names in the Wikipedia list of notable soprano saxophonists.

In August of 2022, COVID-19 struck Sarah and she struggled to shake it, leaving her breathless and unable to walk more than a minute or two, let alone play the sax. By October, her health took a turn for the worse, and she found herself unable to take deep breaths at all. Diagnosed with Long COVID she started to explore other career options and as someone who has been on stage since the age of six, this was a devastating blow.

Over the next few months, Sarah’s health worsened, and she began to suspect that something was seriously wrong with her lungs. Eventually, she was referred to a specialist and CT scans showed a partial collapse of both lungs due to a bacterial infection, and she was given antibiotics. Within two days, Sarah was out running, able to play the saxophone again and feeling 100 percent. The turnaround in her health was nothing short of miraculous. 

The Red Dirt Skinners show at Meaford Hall is the band’s first show back since Sarah’s health recovered, and the band are excited to be returning to the stage. 

Rob Skinner (lead vocals and guitar) describes their relief; “It’s the only job we have ever loved. Since Sarah has been playing again, I’ve seen her play with a passion and energy that is astonishing. We are thrilled to be returning to performing and cannot wait to bring our show to Meaford Hall.”

The Red Dirt Skinners combine heartfelt storytelling with world-class musicianship and vocal harmonies that will steal your heart. Their latest album ranked in Music News Magazine’s Top 20 of 2021 (alongside Adele and Taylor Swift).

If there’s a Pink Floyd of folk music, these guys are it. They’re innovative, orchestral and dreamy, and Sarah is the David Gilmour of the soprano sax,” noted Roots Music Canada

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased through the Box Office at 1-877-538-0463 or on-line at


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