Monday, June 24, 2024

Meaford Museum Foundation Rehabilitation to Begin

This week, foundation rehabilitation at the Meaford Museum will commence. This work will include excavating around the foundation, installing waterproofing membrane, enhancing drainage systems, and redirecting water away from the building. These measures aim to effectively address foundation issues and ensure this historic structure’s integrity is preserved.

The sidewalk access along Bayfield Street in front of the Museum and the back door of the Museum will be inaccessible for certain construction activities. The contractor will make the utmost effort to ensure the sidewalk and back door are usable for pedestrians and emergency evacuations. A copy of the Notice of Construction and Temporary Accessible Service Disruption Notice can be found at This project will not impact the Meaford Museum’s operating hours. To learn more about the Museum, visit

The Museum Foundation Rehabilitation is being completed as part of the Municipality of Meaford’s 2023 Capital Projects. For more information on this project and how it may impact you, please visit For information on other 2023 Capital Projects, please visit

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