Friday, June 25, 2021

Meaford Brothers Make Donation to Meaford’s Food Bank

Liam and Brennan Law’s participation in the recently completed Meaford Rotary Club’s Meaford Rocks Event, has shown the value of determination.

Liam, age 10, and Brennan, age 12, have posed for pictures at each of the three rocks each week, for all six weeks of the event.  Their goal was to be selected as the randomly selected $50 weekly winners, and to use the $50 prize at Masse’s Independent Grocer to get food for the Meaford Foodbank and Outreach. 

Unfortunately, the boys weren’t lucky in the draws, but Meaford Rotary president Sonja Glass caught wind of the plan, and it was decided that Meaford Rotary would give the boys $50 to make their plan possible.  When the Law family was informed of the $50 prize, they decided to match the $50, and the boys’ grandmother joined in, among others joining in, until they had accumulated $267! 

On June 3, Liam went shopping with his mother Nancy Law, then took his haul of groceries to the Meaford Foodbank. 

Such an inspiring story of Meaford’s youth helping the community! 

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