Sunday, September 24, 2023

Meaford Author David Carreira Returns to the OSNGUPL

The Owen Sound North Grey Union Public Library will welcome Meaford author David Carreira to discuss his novel Jewel of Nazleen.

In Jewel of Nazleen, the sequel to Etherio’s Threat Book One: Key to Phodite’s Temple (2022), friends Roy, Lincus, and Valera continue their search for the stones of power, with the help of new allies: Hannik, a man from the wilds, and an elven warrior, Teliryn Foehn, who finds himself bonded to Roy after losing to him in combat. From the forests of Astoria to the city of Aquis, the friends are forced to fight for their lives against a variety of enemies, sadly including Lyle, who has fallen still more deeply under the thrall of Etherio, pushed to support his nefarious agenda even if it means killing his former best friend.

Their journey will take the group of friends to the ruins of an ancient city, and the temple of Vehthar, which offers countless dangers of its own. With their trials strengthening some bonds and straining others, it remains to be seen if the group will shatter or coalesce into something even stronger in the face of ancient evil, greed, fear, and unspoken love. Only one thing is certain: Unless they can stay strong and determined in their quest, the forces of darkness are going to win, spreading their darkness across the land and bringing to an end everything they hold dear.

David Carreira has forever had a deep fascination with the medieval era of the European world, which has inspired his writing. As a child, he loved to read and always had a story to tell, even enjoying story-writing assignments in class throughout his school years. When not writing for the joy of expressing creativity, Carreira delights in gaming, reading, bike riding, and swimming. He relishes cooking and baking and loves to travel.

Join in on Wednesday August 23, at 7 p.m. in the Library auditorium for author David Carreira’s new book. Copies will be available for purchase.

For more information contact 519-376-6623 x 3 or Information about Carreira and his book can be found at


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