Saturday, May 21, 2022

Majority of Canadians Have Complied With Mandates


No road rage here.

In response to Mr. Hunt’s recent letter, I must rebut at least a couple of his points. Canadians have not “endured two years of governmental tyranny”, we have been assisted in dealing with a pandemic of epic proportions. For the most part, there has been admirable co-operation between various municipal, provincial, and federal departments to mitigate the hospitalizations due to COVID-19 and its variants. There has been nothing unduly intrusive about vaccinations, mask mandates, social distancing and other measures, unless one considers basic common sense to be governmental tyranny. A majority of Canadians have complied with guidelines and mandates.

Not that it is Mr. Hunt’s business, I have indeed donated to the cause of Ukrainian relief through the Canadian Red Cross. His opinion that the “convoy” has any meaning in the context of real people in dire distress is ludicrous. The local “convoy” Yahoos are not defending the Constitution, they are showboating so that they can be noticed, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

My comment on policing is valid. I have a neighbour who was in her car, with her husband on March 12 at the Trowbridge/Bayfield intersection. She seriously feared that she would be squeezed off the road by a tractor-trailer rig turning at that corner, while police sat nearby in their cruiser.

They could have, at the vary least, been out on their feet at the corner to direct traffic, and minimize the danger to law-abiding citizens.

Furthermore, let’s imagine a single car, let’s say driven by a senior, driving on Highway 26, all alone on a Saturday. Let’s say the driver decided to drive 15km per hour for a while, then stop, then drive 20 km per hour, then stop again, over and over. What would happen?

The driver would be pulled over by the OPP, probably given a breathalyzer, definitely given a ticket for obstructing traffic or dangerous driving or whatever struck the fancy of the officers.

This might mean a serious insurance hike or a denial of insurance.

If over 80, the driver would face a driving test along with the written refresher test.

Aberrant road behaviour seems to warrant a free pass though, for freedom-loving convoy members.

I rarely, if ever, have being accused of lacking intelligence, but everyone I know realizes that I have never suffered fools very well either.

Mike Robertson, Meaford

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