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TMI Advertiser Pleased With Response


I just thought I would share with you that my sales for April were up 8% and I would have to think considering the cool weather this past month that advertising in the Independent has had a very positive effect on my business.

Shirley Keaveny, Meaford Dairy Queen

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Rotary Club Extends Thanks Silent Auction Donors and Bidders


The Meaford Rotary Club thanks all donors and bidders for supporting our recent Silent Auction. The auction was a great success. The success of this fundraiser will benefit many programs for local youth in the coming year.

Kathy Christie
Meaford Rotary Club Silent Auction Chairman

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Response to Medical Marijuana Editorial – Recreational Marijuana Should Also Be Legal & Regulated

Dear Editor,

Not only should medical marijuana be made available to patients in need, but adult recreational use should be regulated. Drug policies modelled after alcohol prohibition have given rise to a youth-oriented black market. Illegal drug dealers don't ID for age, but they do recruit minors immune to adult sentences. So much for protecting the children.

Throwing more money at the problem is no solution. Attempts to limit the supply of illegal drugs while demand remains constant only increase the profitability of drug trafficking. For addictive drugs like heroin, a spike in street prices leads desperate addicts to increase criminal activity to feed desperate habits. The drug war doesn't fight crime, it fuels crime.

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