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Reader: TMI Editor Trivialized Liberal Gas Plant Scandal


In your recent editorial, you did an impressive job of attempting to trivialize the Liberal gas plant scandal costs. Why not put a red sign in your office window?

I wonder if you might see fit to put your “not important” dollar value spin on such items as the eHealth fiasco, the Ornge debacle, and the mind-boggling present and future cost of the brutally failed Liberal Green Energy policy, which has sadly doomed the citizens of this province to have the highest electrical costs in North America.

Mike Robertson, Meaford

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Meaford...Mighty Neighbourly

Dear Editor,

The Other Big Apple” will be gone, and what will take its place? My family’s experiences in this area would suggest the following: “Meaford … mighty neighbourly”. Or possibly “Meaford … mighty, neighbourly”.

We moved to Canada from Wisconsin just over three years ago. I am Canadian by birth and wanted both to “return home” and also be closer to my ageing parents. But I did not want to move back to where I grew up and be forever making a comparison to childhood, because you can’t go home again. We fortunately secured jobs in Collingwood but also, in our spare time, drove over much of southwestern Ontario looking and looking. 

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Lion's Club Thanks Community

Dear Editor,

I want to send out a sincere “thank you” to the neighbours in Meaford for the support they have given the Meaford Lions Club efforts in raising money for local charities. We had a very successful  Spaghetti Dinner and now I see that the town has replaced our wonderful ‘play boat’ at Raper’s Park. It was heartbreaking to lose the boat we had worked so hard to build, but the new one is bright and still has the boat theme that is so important in Meaford. To all who have made our work possible, “thank you, thank you.”


Lion Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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