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Meaford's OPP Cost Increases Appear Minimal If At All


What follows is an Open Letter to Meaford Staff and Council regarding Policing Costs:


In a "News Release" published in the Meaford Independent on August 18, Meaford Treasurer Darcy Chapman asserted that the billing for OPP police services would rise from the current $1,772,053 by $455,647 to $2,277,000 next year. At that time, the details of the new billing model were not known to the general public. The precise details were released in a presentation to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) on Monday 18th. Once the details were reviewed, we saw that Mr Chapman had made an assumption and his calculations, we believe, are incorrect. We arrive at the overall cost increase of $17,839 as calculated below. To date, Mr Chapman has not issued a correction to his calculation of the OPP cost increase, therefore we feel compelled to challenge his numbers.

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Leith Resident Frustrated With State of Peter Cameron Park

Dear Editor,

Those of us who live in close proximity to the children's play park, "Peter Cameron Park" in Leith, have learned to make do with what we have. Much of the equipment in the park requires maintenance. The swings are very old and unless we oil them ourselves they can be heard squeaking throughout the community. The Japanese Knotweed at the corner of the park has grown out so far into Market Lane that it causes a visibility hazard for motorists driving around the park. Last winter during one of those storms, the backboard on one of the basketball hoops broke and fell down in the snow. Both backboards are worn out. Other safety hazards and signs of neglect are obvious.

The park equipment suffers from neglect, but not because we don't care about it. Numerous calls have been made to the Meaford Rec Department asking for maintenance and raising safety concerns, all to no avail. Despite its shortcomings, we love our little park and it continues to be heavily used on a daily basis, both by local residents and by visitors to our community. 

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Reader Has Many Questions About Policing Issue

Mr. Editor,

I would like to commend Mr. Long for his comments regarding the strange happenings which were initiated recently by some of our senior administration.  

He stated so well what has puzzled many of our citizens.  Why is it that the administrators can come up with figures to prove that their pet project (going with OSPS) is to be our salvation when we are still waiting for the OPP estimates and the Consultants’ reports? 

Who hired the Consultants? Why is it that these employees have such missionary zeal when promoting this rather nebulous proposal from our neighbour? Where is the evidence that they have the same desire to cut costs in other ways?  What’s motivating them to push the limits when dealing with our elected representatives? Do our elected representatives even realize that the limits are being pushed?  Does anyone who has been around here for any length of time remember Owen Sound reaching out to surrounding communities, offering to provide a service for a fraction of the cost of providing the same service to their own taxpayers?

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