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Reader Thoughts on Getting Approval For Development Proposals


If I was a developer looking to get major consideration of my proposals from the mayor and council, I suppose my best bet would be to:

Prove my sense of civic involvement by buying rentable houses, and knocking them down to reduce taxes, long before they are an impediment to growth.

After all, Meaford is short of affordable rental accommodation, so why would I worry ?

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Reader Has Choice Words For Editor With Regard to Campaign Expense Audit Editorial (WARNING: Profanity)

Mr. Vance,

Your are [sic] total fucking incoherent idiot. 

No wonder your paper is going bankrupt. 

You are clueless. You are corrupt. You are void of any ethics, morality or intelligence.

You have missed the whole point to the request for compliance audit. But oh wait, that is right you are in the back pocket of the political buffoons and Mr. McPherson. Clowns of a feather, flock together.

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Meaford Stomp Coordinator Urges You to Support Local Businesses (including newspapers)

Dear Editor,

I am reviewing the Lions Meaford Stomp, and thanks to the kindness of Canadian Base Operators and the Municipality of Meaford, we had a lot of happy people. We were able to promote a lot of businesses and services that the public needs to know about. The singers loved the venue and the Jewel Radio could not say enough good about it. Foodland and ValuMart again stepped up with donations for the performers. Local magazines, radio stations, and newspapers got the message out that it was happening.

That brings me to the point: how often do we ask them for support but then do not support them? It is not the Collingwood nor Barrie stores that support us. It is the local businesses.

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