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What Can Meaford do to Reduce Pollution?


Climate change. Four months ago, I was wearing shorts, sandals, and a tee-shirt, now it's a jacket, boots, and gloves. Is this climate change?

I don't think the dinosaurs were sensitive to climate change, well, at least  not the ones that were close to the meteorite that landed near them. Those ones that were further away, never saw another sunrise. I did look at the NASA Green web page, and yes they are planting more trees, I wonder how India and China would fare in planting trees in the permafrost?

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Thoughts on Proposed Pumped Storage Facility


'Save Georgian Bay' - a somewhat histrionic name for a concerned citizens group, don't you think? Environmental impact studies of the proposed pumped storage facility at the Meaford tank range are no doubt in order, but does anyone really think that this proposal poses an existential threat to Georgian Bay?

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Homeless and Addiction Problem Grey County


I have heard and seen enough of the public treating this topic in such hatred and unkindness so I thought I would write this to better educate the public and put the facts right out on the table.

I will start with homelessness in Grey County. First of all when I hear people say, "that person, those people..." choose to be homeless is a complete hatred LIE! No one ever asks to be homeless. Yes, there are a few of people that choose to be outside because of their own personal reasons... Maybe addiction or untreated mental health? Maybe living outside is better living arrangements then they had before? People need to stop assuming and hating and start asking the right questions. Ask yourself: would you enjoy sleeping outside in a tent or a bush with no heater, no cell phone, no food, or no property because of theft or poverty? Would you like to see your children or relatives sleeping outside? I say NO.

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