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Students Encouraged to Protest Outdated Sex Education Curriculum


I’m sure that steps will be taken to resist any implementation of Doug Ford’s outdated sex education curriculum . To the students who might have to endure such an inadequate program I offer a suggestion as to how you can oppose it. Just walk out when the the material is being taught. True. It will take some organizing but it can be done. Even better, after you have walked out, march in front of the school while the 'sex ed' is being taught.

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Councillor Responds to 3 Rs Mention

Dear Editor,

In response to your Rave article about myself (The 3Rs...Rants, Raves & Rumours column, January 10 print edition)I would like to apologize for falling asleep at the recent Council meeting.

Between my DNA and being a busy farmer I do find it hard to keep awake when I’m sitting still in a comfortable chair. This is something I am aware that I need to improve in and will work harder at staying engaged during the meeting.

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Is Canada Following in America's Footsteps?

Dear Editor,

I was watching Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 in horror of what can be done to innocent citizens, when I realized it may not only be in the U.S. or third world countries.

Are we not guilty of the Flint-style genocide in our indigenous communities? Are we not poisoning our water with the tailing ponds out west? We are not bombing our own cities like they did in Flint, but with the investigations into the RCMP and Thunder Bay police, are we not guilty too? Did the G20 disgrace not show we are capable of a police state too? When Harper ended the long census so we could not evaluate the destruction of Canada and Ford is destroying any good thing Wynne did, Trump style, is that any different from the U.S.?

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