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Thoughts on Planting Trees & Pumped Storage Proposal

Dear Editor,

First, let me admit to being a strong proponent of any project that will mitigate global warming and will reduce impacts of climate change. Second, I admit to being fiscally conservative and I know that we have to reduce energy costs and consumption to fix the problems we are making. Third, I am progressive and know that we must change old ways, habits and thinking to deal with energy issues we have.

Two recent items in TMI caught my attention and activated my BS alarm.

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Will the Liberal's Fiscal Anchor Sink Canada?

Dear Editor,

The Liberal Party has released their 2019 election platform for this election showing that they plan to run large deficits, over $20 billion, for each of the next four years with no return to balance in sight. This will add almost $100 billion dollars to Canada's debt, which already sits at approximately $768 billion. Many economists and pundits have been weighing in on the Liberal strategy with talk of fiscal anchors, debt to GDP ratios, or the benefits or risks of Keynesianism and trickle-down economics. I'm sure most Canadians when they read these analysis ask themselves, "this sounds great in theory but why is life continuing to get less and less affordable and my taxes keep going up and up?" As a Fiscal Conservative, I like to talk in real life terms, dollars and cents.

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Thoughts on PM's Blackface Issue

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Roberta Docherty's Letter to the Editor published 27 September, 2019, concerning "Trudeau Brown-Face Issue".

I have absolutely no idea if Ms. Docherty is just completely uninformed or is a die-hard Liberal supporter trying to misinform your readership and deflect criticisms towards Justin Trudeau.

Either way, it doesn't wash with me or anyone else who stays well informed.

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