Friday, January 28, 2022

Letter Writer’s Accusations of Corruption Prompt Reader Reaction


Mr. Carr clearly does not approve of the Pumped Storage Project. That’s his right.

However, I have no respect for someone who makes broad accusations of corruption without providing some basis for them.

Mr. Carr accuses people ‘with authority over this matter’ of enjoying ‘extended remuneration’ (aka bribery), and explicitly says there is criminal activity going on. These are serious accusations that should not be made lightly. Nor should they be made without very, very concrete evidence. And they should not be made in a broadside attack simply because Mr. Carr does not approve of the project.

Corruption is a crime in this country. If he believes there is collusion between TCE and ‘government’ (whichever level he’s referring to), I invite him to provide proof that would stand up in a court of law. Failing that, I can only view his letter as evidence-free ranting.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to question this project without resorting to conspiracy theories. It does our community no credit to make public accusations of criminality without providing a shred of evidence, especially when those accusations appear to be borderline libellous. We can do better than this.

Michael Anderson, Meaford

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